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Empowering youths towards sustainable agriculture

A few notes to the authours

Annals of Child and Youth Studies
(ACYS) is a multidisciplinary publication of the International Research and Development Network of Child and Youth in Agricultural programme (CYIAP) in Nigeria that serves sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, educators, psychiatrists, pediatricians, social and community development workers, extension agents, change facilitators and other professionals who deal with research, planning, development and empowerment of child and youth. The periodical provides English translations of work on all aspect of child and youth development such as descriptive and evaluative articles on economics and socio-politico-cultural issues, educational and preventive medical programmes for youth, experimental and observational studies, critical reviews and summary articles. In addition to scientific paper, the periodical will contain reviews reports on conferences and other items of interest. Articles submitted to Annals of Child and Youth Studies should not be under consideration by any other journal, or have been published elsewhere.

Manuscript Submistion

Manuscripts should be typed with double spacing and sent electronically to editor, where this is not possible, 3 copies of the article should be submitted to: Dr. Banji O. Adisa, Editor-in-Chief, Annals of Child and Youth Studies, Department of Agricultural Extension & Rural Development, ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. Submitted of an original paper to this journal will be taken to imply that it represents original work not previously published, that it is not being considered elsewhere for publication, and that if accepted for publication, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in any language without the consent of the editor and publisher.

Basic Requirements

Length: The maximum preferred length is 10 pages
Language: Papers are published only in English
Abstract: Each paper requires an abstract of 100-150 words summarizing the significant converage and findings.
Key words: Each abstract should be accompanied by up to four key words, which between them should characterize the paper. These will be used for indexing and data retrieval purpose.
Processing your articles electronically: We strongly encourage you to send the final, revised version of your articles electrically, by e-mail. This will ensure that it can be dealt with quickly and will reduce errors at the typesetting stage. This guide sets out the procedures which will allow us to process your articles efficiently.
Please note: This guide does not apply to authors who are submitting an articles for consideration and peer review; they apply only to authors whose articles have been reviewed, revised, and accepted for publication.

Tables and figures

Tables and figures should be saved as separate files, and a separate list of figure captions should also be provided. Give the files clear names such as Name _ text, doc, Name _tables, doc, Name _ figures, doc, or Name _ figure captions. doc.
The approximate position of tables and figures should be indicated in the text file, and they must be mentioned in the text. Ensure that the files are not saved as read only. Please see the journal instructions for Authors page for a Word template to help you style your article correctly. Please pay particular attention to the references. Also supply the running heads for your article in the style of the journal (this will usually be the authors’ initials and surname plus a short title) Please make sure that the full postal and e-mail address of the author who will check proofs and receive correspondence and off-prints is clearly marked.
Figures: All figures should be numbered with consecutive Arabic numbers, have descriptive captions, and be mentioned in the text. An approximate position for each figure should be indicated in the margin.
Preparation: Figures submitted must be of a high enough standard for direct reproduction. Line drawings should be prepared in black (India) ink on white art paper or tracing paper, with all lettering and symbols included. Alternatively good sharp photo-prints (“glossies”) are acceptable Photographs intended for halftone reproduction must be good glossy original prints of maximum contrast. Each figure should be clearly labeled with the author’s name and figure number. Re-drawing or retouching of unusable figures will be charged to authors.
Captions: A list of figure captions should be typed on a separate sheet and included with the manuscript.


References should be indicated in the typescript by giving the author’s name, with the year of publication in parentheses. If several papers by the same author and from the same year are cited, a, b, c, etc., should be put after the year of publication. The references should be listed in full, including pages, at the end of the paper in the following standard form:

For books: Stone, A and Water B. (1988) Youth for the Future (Nigeria: CYIAP – Network Publishing). 10-12
For articles: Shortlady, Y. and Shortman, Z. (1995) Bridging the gaps between men and women in Africa, African Gender Review, 10 (1) 5-17
For chapters within books: Torimiro, D.O. (1995) Managing the impossible, in S.H. Noone, E. H. Twoone and P.P.E. Threeone (E d s.) Management Practices in Rare Organization Nigeria, People’s society of Nigeria, 40-50.
For online documents: Tinko, R (2001) Hooliganism in colleges in Nigeria. Available online at (accessed 6 August 2006).

Other Details

Title of journals and names of publishers, etc. shot not be abbreviated. Acronyms for the names of organizations, examinations, etc.Should be preached by the title in full. If you have any further questions about the style for this journal. Please send your mail to or editor, . Corresponding authors will receive a copy of the journal by post after publication. Additional copies of the journal can be purchased at the author’s preferential rate of N1000 or $US 5.00 per copy.

Pricing and Payment

Processing fee: N10,000.00 or $US 30.00 Page charges: 1st 10 pages (N15,000.00 or $US100), additional pages (N500:00 or $US5.00/page).

The money should be sent in Bank Draft and made payable to: The Editor-in-Chief, Annals of child and Youth Studies, Department of Agricultural Extension & Rural Development, ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife. Or pay directly to: CYIAP Publications Account ACCESS Bank Plc., Ile-Ife Account No.: 0725017381


It is a condition of publication that authors assign copyright or license the publication rights in their articles, including abstracts, to (Put publisher’s name). This enables us to ensure full copyright protection and to disseminate the article, and of course the Journal, to the widest possible readership in print and electronic formats as appropriate. Authors may, of course, use the article elsewhere after publication without prior permission from the Editor-in-Chief, Annals of child and Youth Studies provided that acknowledgement is given to the Journal as the original source of publication, and that the Editor-in-Chief, Annals of child and Youth Studies is notified so that our records show that its use is properly authorized. Authors are themselves responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyright material from other sources.