Brief History

Empowering youths towards sustainable agriculture

A Brief History

CYIAP-Network is a body of professionals (academics/ researchers, development, practitioners, extensionists, psychologists, youth programme leaders in agriculture, etc.) working through research and development activities to sustain agriculture as the bedrock of the national economy by socializing children and empowering youths toward sustainable occupational interest in agriculture and associated industries. It holds annual conferences rotated among tertiary institutions and national agricultural research institutes (NARIs), Agricultural Development Projects (ADP) where active members exist. CYIAP- Network publishes journals, proceedings, books of reading, authored books and participates nationally and globally in advocacy programmes in support of youth development in agriculture.
Prof. Dixon Olutade Torimiro (then Mr. D. O. Torimiro) co-initiated CYIAP-Network with late Prof. Samson Folawunmi Adedoyin (then Dr. S. F. Adedoyin). In fact, CYIAP-Network was a result of D. O. Torimiro’s research efforts under the supervision of Dr. S. F. Adedoyin in the early stage of his career in Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria when he was Assistant Lecturer, and then Torimiro discovered the missing link in farm family research as farm-child research. This discovery led to the first National Research Conference and Network Meeting of CIAP in Nigeria held in Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye, 23-26 March, 1998. The conference attracted diverse stakeholders in the field of agriculture in Nigeria including multinational organizations such as IFAD, FAO, government agencies, research institutions, academics, etc., and there was a common agreement that CIAP becomes a national network of research and development of children in agriculture. This later metamorphosised into National Research and Development Network of Children and Youth in Agriculture (CYIAP-Network) in order to accommodate youth; and lately at the point of incorporation with the Federal Government of Nigeria, the organisation was legally advised to change the national to international; hence, it becomes an International Research and Development Network of Children and Youth in Agriculture. However, the trade name was registered as CYIAP-Network.
Subsequently, the Network has successfully held national research conference and network meetings in various higher educational institutions in Nigeria.
Over the years, Prof. Torimiro has distinguished himself as an institution builder, a visionary leader, innovative researcher and eminent scholar who has passion for research and development focusing on farm children and youth. He has made his mark in the field of extension and most especially in the areas of farm-child and youth studies. CYIAP-Network has attracted and greatly influenced more than 500 members committed to child and youth studies in Nigeria.
The Network publishes journal (Annals of Child and Youth Studies), annual proceedings and books of readings. The Network has recognised and awarded many notable individuals who have contributed to farm-child and youth development in Nigeria.
Prof. Torimiro has meritoriously served the Network in various capacities as: pioneer national secretary, pioneer Editor-in-Chief of CYIAP-Network Journals and Proceedings, and he was the immediate past President and currently an Ex-Officio and Chairman of the Board of Trustees